Sediment:  show hanging through September
to Sep 30

Sediment: show hanging through September

  • 359 East Colorado Avenue Telluride, CO, 81320 United States (map)
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our surroundings are built over time, grown and erased. layers formed, eroded, moved, washed away. all journeys reflect this process as do these paintings

beverly crilly lives and works in brooklyn, ny and has a long love of this place

she is constantly struck by the intimate scape of the town contrasted with the awesome landscape

this work is done in oil and cold wax

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Internal Landscapes
to Jul 15

Internal Landscapes

If a “landscape” is defined by it’s line, form, color and texture and “internal” can refer to what exists within the mind then one is sure to find these elements in abundance through Beverly Crilly’s work.

Informed by her life journey and all the rich material that can produce, the work mines and then distills that range of pastoral to mysterious wildness that is present in and around us.

Beverly Crilly’s toolbox consists of all sorts of quotidian items like bubble wrap, drywall tape, vintage pastry blender, wire pot scrubbers to name a few, and if you look carefully into her work you will find evidence of their play there.

Maybe lunar, maybe deepwater or arboreal, Beverly Crilly’s enigmatic and resonant terrains, could be metaphors for the mystery of the human psyche.

Opening June 6, 2019

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ARTWORKS, a benefit for Arts Gowanus
6:30 AM06:30

ARTWORKS, a benefit for Arts Gowanus

Come to ArtWorks on May 9th at ShapeShifter Lab featuring over 70 incredible Gowanus artists!! Celebrate the arts and artists in the Gowanus area, AND TAKE HOME ONE PIECE OF ORIGINAL ARTWORK from a Gowanus artist. All while supporting the critical mission of Arts Gowanus to promote, support, and advocate for local artists and a sustainable arts community in the Gowanus neighborhood.

Bring your fellow art lovers. Appreciate the artwork made by Gowanus artists. Enjoy drinks, delicious appetizers, and desserts. Meet artists and art lovers. And support the work of Arts Gowanus.

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to Oct 21

Gowanus Open Studios

I am thrilled to be one of the more than 350 artists participating in this year’s Gowanus Open Studios. I will be showing at Janice Everett’s beautiful space 280 Nevins Street 3rd floor. For more information, a listing of participating artists and spaces, a map and more go to

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